About Iherdsman

Iherdsman is a high-tech enterprise integrating technology research and development, design, production and equipment installation.

It mainly focuses on the design of industrialized cattle and sheep equipment, chicken raising equipment, environmental control equipment for automatic feeding equipment for pigs, and engineering scale large-scale breeding program design for livestock houses.

The company has an excellent team that can provide a project proposal for the site selection of the livestock and poultry farm – feasibility study report – a breeding process – livestock and poultry farm planning and design, a livestock and poultry farm equipment installation and a post-aquaculture management training.

Our service


  1. We will provide you with professional product customization design according to your needs, starting from a simple drinking water equipment to the entire construction project.
  2. Choose the fastest and most convenient way to transport according to your region.
  3. We have a professional inspection department to ensure that all product specifications are qualified. The products we manufacture are all in compliance with national testing standards.


If there is anything wrong with the products u received in the warranty time, we will provide the maintain guidance or replace with new products.