When is it appropriate to cut the piglet’s canine teeth ?

Usually, the piglet teeth is cut off within 6 to 24 hours of birth. If the teeth are hardened after 24 hours, it is not easy to cut.

Use a sterilized pig teeth clipping or a pig grinding teeth machine to cut the tip of the tooth to ensure that the wound is flat. Avoid injury to the piglet’s gums during operation.

How long is the piglet’s teeth cut off ?

Bone is the strongest place, so bacteria are not easy to invade. However, if the teeth are cut near the root of the tooth and the pulp is exposed, the bone marrow is soft and has a blood vessel distribution, which is easily attacked by bacteria.

During lactation, common exudative dermatitis and streptococcal disease may be related to the teeth being cut too long. Therefore, we recommend that cutting the piglet teeth by one-third or half , no need to cut too long.

What are the ways to cut teeth for piglets?

  1. Use a pig teeth clipper to cut the piglets’ teeth
  2. Use a pig grinding teeth machine to cut piglet’s teeth
  3. Use together for better results

How to disinfect after cutting teeth ?

  1. After cutting a piglet’s teeth , wipe the cut teeth with alcohol cotton.
  2. Pig teeth clipping must be sharp and disinfected after using every time .
  3. It is important to pay attention to disinfection so as not to be disinfected, which leads to streptococcosis and exudative dermatitis in the stage of suckling piglets.