Technical problems of raising cattle

First of all , the treatment of beef cattle diseases and the use of veterinary drugs to the right medicine to cure beef disease.

Second, disease prevention

The introduced calves should be vaccinated in time for vaccination.

Third, the feed mix

Beef cattle roughage and concentrate are matched with reasonable nutrition to improve beef cattle’s gains. The good and bad ratio of beef cattle feed directly affects the rise of beef cattle, so the ratio of beef cattle feed to fattening cattle feed is crucial in raising cattle. Without good formula and good nutrition, beef cattle grow very slowly and the economic benefits are greatly reduced.

Construction of cattle farms

  1. The cattle farm should be built into two sub-districts . One is the office area and the other is the breeding area. The office area and the breeding area should be isolated.
  2. There is a disinfection tank at the entrance of the farm. The vehicles and personnel entering the farm should be disinfected to prevent external source of infection from entering the farm.
  3. Set up a disinfection room in the isolation area between the office area and the breeding area to disinfect the personnel entering the breeding area.
  4. The cattle house should have standardized planning . The breeding area and the isolation area should be separated to prevent infection.

Grazing farming method

• In the cold winter, pay attention to the frost and snow on the winter pasture when grazing. The time to graze in the morning is later, because cows eating pasture with frosty snow are prone to miscarriage.

• In the mutant weather, try not to graze as much as possible, because in the mutant weather beef cattle are susceptible to influenza.

• After grazing , do not catch up with the cattle too fast, otherwise the cow sweating is easy to catch a cold.

• After grazing , add feed to the herd. The cattle house should have good sealing and heat preservation, and maintain the body temperature of the beef cattle to prevent energy consumption.