Why should the calf wear the weaning device?

The calf weaner device is a simple, friendly environment and saving cost calf weaning artifact.

Clamp the weaning device to the calf nose and adjust the tightness by adjusting the ends or bolts to prevent the calf from getting close to the cow.

But it does not interfere with the physical contact between the mother and the child and play. 

After 4-7 days, remove the weaner device will gradually adapt to the calf.

Principle of the device:

The device can be used repeatedly, but it needs to be cleaned and disinfected before the next use, which is more protective for the calf.

This device is mainly used for weaning of calves. This product is fixed to the calves’ nose.

When the calf is going to have milk, the tip of the nose will hurt the cow. The cow will not let the calf suckle.

When the calf grows less than a month, the milk produced by the cow can fully content the calves’ needs, but after more than a month, the cow’s milk is not enough.

Thus, the cow’s milk production and the need of the calf form a so-called scissors difference.

As the calves’ appetite grows bigger, the cows are a bit overwhelmed, and the calves are often not full.


What’s more important is that if weaning is too late, it will have a great impact on the calves’ future intake.

  1. The cow has four stomachs, of which the rumen is very important, and the digestion of the food is mainly done by the rumen.
  2. After the calf was born, its rumen began to be small and not fully developed. If you want it to develop as soon as possible, you should feed some plant feed in advance.
  3. What’s more, when the calf grows for two months, its young teeth begin to grow, and it is already possible to chew and grind some plant-based feed.

There is a good saying that there is a good stomach, there will be a good body.

Early weaning of calf, feeding some plant-based feed in advance can make the rumen and digestive tract get early exercise, expand the volume of the rumen, increase the food intake in the future, and ensure the growth and development of the calf in the late stage.

So the body of the calf will be healthy .

Early weaning does not mean that you can not give calf milk. The role of milk is important for the growth and development of cattle.

After the cow gives birth, it begins to secrete milk. At the time, the milk we call it colostrum, it is an indispensable high-grade nutrient for newborn calves, and it contains colostrum.

A large number of enzymes and antibody proteins can improve the ability of calf to digest and resist disease.

Therefore, when the calf is born, it is necessary to eat colostrum, especially if it is born within an hour, it must be eaten quickly, and it cannot be delayed.

When the calf grows to a certain extent, it must be weaned in time to ensure that the calf can grow healthy.