• In the afternoon when the weather is fine in winter and the temperature is high, open the window on the leeward side, and the size of the open window is determined by the outside temperature to enhance air circulation.

• Winter ventilation is mainly based on changing air.

Turbine Ventilator

The chicken house is tasteless and has no sorrow. The somatosensory wind speed is within 0.1 m/s and is maintained at a relatively stable state.

In the peak of egg production, while meeting the minimum breathing rate, attention should be paid to the body’s somatosensory wind speed, and the air quality should be focused on during the stable production period and late egg production.

Ventilation in winter houses is recommended to ventilate in the leeward direction, in order to maintain minimum ventilation, to prevent cold wind from blowing the chicken body.

livestock ventilation fans

Determine the number of fans to open according to the minimum ventilation; determine the number of small windows to open according to the temperature inside the house and the number of fans.

When two or more fans rotate frequently, consider using all the small windows.

When lowering the two fans, consider closing half of the small windows; small windows are opened to ensure the uniformity of ventilation inside the house, and the small windows on both sides must be opened symmetrically.

The window adjustment time is based on the principle of maintaining the relative stability of the day and night temperature.

Generally, the temperature starts to rise at 8:30 during the day.

At this time, the small window is gradually increased according to the room temperature. The temperature gradually decreases from 5:00 to 6:00 pm, and the small window is gradually reduced according to the room temperature.

• Control the temperature inside the house to avoid high and low.

poultry ventilation system

Provide the correct air flow pattern to prevent cold stress in the flock.

In addition, the chicken house should be provided with appropriate fresh air to control humidity, ammonia, dust, and microorganisms.

It is recommended that the chicken house temperature be maintained above 13 °C, and the temperature difference between day and night should be within 3 °C ~ 5 °C.

• In the cold season, when the temperature of the chicken house is lower than the temperature set by the thermostat, the fan can’t start, and the house needs to maintain the minimum ventilation.

It is necessary to use the timed fan to intermittently operate the ventilation, so that the temperature inside the chicken house can be controlled. There will be a phenomenon of high and low.