A modern pig farm, the first consideration in the design of the farm and the construction of the farm is the problem of drinking water and water supply on the farm, because it requires a lot of drinking water in the feeding of pigs, and it also needs a lot of water in every aspect of daily production. Therefore, water supply and drinking equipment is an indispensable pig raising equipment for pig farms.

There are many types of automatic drinking fountains for pigs, such as duckbill, nipple, cup, etc. The most common application is the duckbill pig automatic drinking fountain.

1. Pig stainless steel duckbill type nipple drinker


The duckbill pig drinking water equipment mainly consists of a valve body, a valve core, a sealing ring, a return spring, a plug cover and a filter screen. The valve body and the valve core are made of brass and stainless steel, the spring and the filter mesh are made of stainless steel, and the plug cover is made of engineering plastic. The overall structure is simple, corrosion-resistant, reliable, watertight and long-lasting.

When the pig drinks water, the drinker is contained in the mouth, the valve stem is bitten down, the water flows out from the gap between the valve core and the sealing ring, and enters the mouth of the pig. When the pig’s mouth is loosened, the tension of the spring is returned by the valve stem.After resetting, the water outlet gap is closed and the water stops flowing.

The duckbill pig drinking water equipment has good sealing performance, the pressure is reduced when the water flows out, and the flow rate is low, which meets the drinking water requirement of the pig.

The way to install the drinker is horizontal and 45°. The height of the drinker from the ground varies with the weight of the pig. The drinker should be installed in the defecation area. Regularly check the working condition of the drinker, remove the mud, adjust and tighten the screws, and find the fault to replace the parts in time.

2. Pig nipple drinker

The biggest feature of the automatic pig nipple drinking fountain is that the structure is simple.It consists of a shell, a ram and a steel ball. When the pigs drink water, the jack is jacked up, and water flows out from the gap between the steel ball, the jack and the casing into the mouth of the pig.

After the pig’s mouth is loose, relying on the water pressure and the gravity of the steel ball and the ejector rod, the steel ball and the ejector rod fall, and the water stops flowing out.

This type of drinking fountain has strong ability to pass through impurities such as sediment, but the sealing is poor, and it can be used by decompression.

Otherwise, the running water is too fast, which not only makes the pig drink water difficult, but also splashes water, wastes water, and pig scoop gets wet. When installing a nipple drinker, it should generally be inclined at an angle of 45° to 75° to the ground.

3. pig drinking cup/bowl

Drinking cups are common types of float, spring valve and hydraulic valve stems.When the pigs drink water, push the float to deflect the valve core, and the water flows into the cup for pigs to drink. When the pig’s mouth is released, the valve stem is reset by the spring of the return spring, and the water stops flowing.

The float has a function of restricting the water level. It rises as the water level rises. When the water rises to a certain height, the pig’s mouth will not touch the float. After the valve is reset, the water supply is stopped to avoid excessive water flow.