1, note on the rabbit diet:

Many people think that rabbits only eat carrots, lettuce, and even water. In fact, this is a big mistake. Rabbits need enough hay and water to maintain health every day. The simplest and most nutritious food is the ready-made rabbit food. In addition to a variety of cereals, vitamins and minerals, these rabbit foods add a little COCCIDIOSTATS to control the beneficial secretion in the stomach.

Young rabbits cannot eat any fruits and vegetables, and they become rabbit staple hay, rabbit food and vegetables for snacks. The correct rabbit recipe: Timothy grass unlimited amount + rabbit food press to give + clean water free to drink (young rabbit + valerian press) (male rabbit plus a little fruit and vegetables). Under the correct breeding, the average life span of rabbits is 5 to 12 years.

2, suitable environment:

Rabbits should be kept in rabbit houses, but the ground should be covered with cement, and then covered with a layer of soil and hay, often kept dry, ventilated, sunny, and can not let the rabbit house wet. Rabbits are not afraid of water, but they are quite susceptible to illness in a humid environment. Foods with high water content are also easy to diarrhea, so it is natural to avoid water far away. A female rabbit born with a small rabbit cannot be raised with a male rabbit. The female rabbit can only be produced one month after mating.

In ordinary families, family rabbits, Japanese rabbits, white rabbits, and hares are raised. It doesn’t matter if rabbits of different breeds are raised together. (If it is domestic, it is best not to raise two, the same sex may fight, the opposite sex for 2 months, a nest of rabbits, to be caged or sterilized.).