Debeaking has’ become the consensus of chicken farmers, and there are many advantages to breaking chickens’ beaks.So why trim beaks of chickens?

Advantages of debeaking

First,the biggest advantage of trimming beak is to effectively prevent the chickens from licking the feathers and licking the anus. The chickens grow sharp and long beaks. Liking to eat is chickens’ nature. Sharp beaks are also a tool for their scratching.

When chickens’ body or anus are itchy, they will involuntarily use beak to scratching. Because their cockroaches are very sharp, they can easily hurt themselves. The more the chicken licks, the bigger the wound is. Infection, which poses a great threat to the health of the chicken, the death rate of the chicken will also go up.

And if the chicken debeaking, its mouth becomes dull, so it is not easy to hurt itself, thus effectively reducing the death rate due to sharp beaks.

Second,Trimmed beak chickens can effectively save feed. Farmers will find this situation that when feeding chickens, because the chickens have a barb, they will sprinkle the feed while eating. This situation is very serious for the waste of feed, especially for feeding chickens with wet food, and the waste is more serious.

If the chicken is trimmed, the barb of the chicken will be removed and the feed will not be taken, thus effectively reducing the waste of the feed.

Third, in large-scale chicken farms, the number of chickens is large and the density is high.So there is a situation that chicken each other peck at anus, toes, and feathers of other chickens, causing the hair of chickens to fall off, affecting the sale.After debeaking of chickens can avoid this situation.

What should I pay attention to chicken debeaking ?


First, determine the time of the beak trimming, usually when the chicken is 10-15 days old, when the stress response caused by the debeaking is relatively small. After the first trimming beak, the second debeaking will be made according to the effect and production.

Second, check the health of the flock, only in healthy conditions,debeaking can be done. If sick or weak chickens are found, they should be picked out and kept alone, and then they should be trimmed beaks after they are healthy.

Third, flocks are generally not suitable for debeaking during the immunization period or other stress conditions. Vitamins should be added into the feed  before and after the debeaking, or vitamins can be provided in drinking water.

Fourth, before the chicken is trimmed, it is necessary to prepare drugs and utensils for disinfection and hemostasis to avoid accidents.

Fifth, there are many tools and methods for trimming the beaks. It is best to use chicken debeaking machine, such as pedal-type breakers, and some areas use electric soldering irons. The length of the debeaking is one-half to two-thirds of the upper jaw, and about one-third of the lower jaw.

Sixth, when debeaking, the blade is burnt to brownish red. Hold the chicken with your hand, and the thumb is hold the back of the chicken’s head. The index finger is catch the chicken’s lower jaw and gently presses the pharynx so that the chicken’s head cannot swing side to side. At the same time, make the chicken shrink the tongue. The debeaking operation time is fast, and usually ends in 1–2 seconds.