• Do not feed too much concentrate

Some farmers mistakenly believe that only when they feed more concentrate, the rabbit grows faster.

Some people even feed the concentrate three times a day, causing the rabbit to suffer from enteritis and death due to severe diarrhea.

The reason is that the excess concentrate is decomposed in the cecum, fermented into a large amount of organic acid, destroying the normal weak alkaline environment of the microorganism, resulting in imbalance of the ecological balance of the flora.

Therefore, rabbits should be added a certain proportion of concentrate according to nutritional standards, but fiber roughage must not be lacking.

Feeding rabbits with a special feeder can reduce the incidence of disease.( Rabbit automatic feeder and automatic rabbit feeder )

• Do not replace pellet feed with whole grain

Feeding rabbits with pellets works well, but pellet feed is not yet widely available in rural areas, so some farmers use whole grain instead of pellets for feeding.

This method of feeding is not scientific. Feeding the rabbit with whole grain is equivalent to a part of the grain entering the stomach and intestine without being fully chewed.

This way reduces the contact area with the digestive juice, so that it can not be completely digested and absorbed into the cecum, and abnormal fermentation in the cecum, causing harmful bacteria to produce enterotoxin, leading to diarrhea or enteritis.

Therefore, the whole grain can not be directly fed to the rabbit instead of the pellet feed. The grain should be crushed or ground, and mixed with the roughage in a certain proportion to feed the rabbit.

• Do not mess with antibiotics.

Some farmers use antibiotics such as oxytetracycline, sputum, and gentamicin to prevent rabbits from getting sick. This is harmful to rabbits and is unscientific.

Rabbits are herbivores. The drugs that are eaten often kill all kinds of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines.

At the same time, Salmonella can produce strong resistance to drugs. Over time, rabbits will cause difficulties in treating diseases.

• Do not store the vaccine in a frozen manner.

Some people often store the purchased vaccine ( Automatic Syringe Injector ) in a refrigerator or freezer, so that the preserved vaccine often loses its medicinal value.

The correct way is: buy the seedlings, do not open the package, store in a 4-8 ° C refrigerator or under normal temperature shading conditions.

• Do not mess with drugs.

At present, there are many old rabbit farmers in the countryside to treat rabbit diseases. As everyone knows, some methods are dangerous to rabbits and extremely unsafe. Therefore, scientific farming is very important.