Chicken Drinker Cup

Want to raise chickens to follow”four observations” “four management” “five treatments”

The above is an essential means for new and old farmers.

For large farms of 30,000 to 50,000, the boss will do the work himself every day, get up early at six o’clock and enter the chicken coop to observe the status of the flock.

100,000 large chicken farms to one million chicken farms, each with separate breeders to observe the flocks, and specialized technicians to inspect the chicken houses every day.

Then all the work that everyone has done is following the above criteria.

Chicken four observation

Get up early 5-6 o’clock to observe the status of the flock, mental state, do not get together, clap your hands to see if there is any problem with the state of the chicken

After 9:00 am, observe the feces of the chickens in the field or in the chicken house. What color is the feces? Is it not formed? What proportion do you have? You must know what you have in mind, that is, there are problems in the follow-up. When the technicians go to consult, you can also know where the chickens are.

At about 5 pm, the chicken house was inspected. Look at the status of the flock, eat the state, look at the feces of the flock, but also observe, can you stand up? Is there a gimmick? Is there any eyes closed? Have you ever stood still? Are there sporadic individuals or more?

After eating, we must weigh the rest of the material and determine the amount of food we eat every day. We must know whether it is increasing or decreasing or stabilizing.

Reduced feed and stability, it is not a good sign, pay more attention

After 9 pm, go to the chicken house for ten minutes. Listening to the respiratory tract of the flock, the flock is breathing without sound under normal conditions. Have respiratory tract, cold, irritation, etc., can cause cough, snoring, sneezing. This situation is after 9 pm. It will be especially noticeable when the lights are not turned on.

Chicken Four management

1.Environmental management: sanitary cleaning, disinfection 3-5 days

2.Taste management: do a good job of ventilation, reduce the dust in the house, pungent taste

3.Humidity management: After the temperature is removed, the house is kept at about 45 degrees.

Brooding humidity 65-70 5 degrees per week until dewarming

4.Temperature management: brooding temperature 33-35 degrees, 0.3 degrees per day

Maintained at around 20 degrees after dewarming

Chicken raising, in fact, is more important to raise the environment, raise temperature, and maintain humidity.

Chicken five treatment

1.Feed treatment: the survival of chickens, broilers, laying hens, etc., must ensure adequate nutrition, balanced nutrition, most of the domestic feed is high energy and low protein, many problems

2.Drinking water treatment: Drinking water safety is also a top priority. Clean the water line regularly, clean the water bucket, keep the drinking water safe, avoid enteritis, and repeat the diseases of E. coli.

3.Vaccine treatment: The vaccine is essential in raising chickens. There is no medicine to replace it. Some farmers often ignore the importance of the vaccine. It can be done or not. It is very dangerous. It is necessary to do the immunization program.

4.Drug treatment: drugs can not be used indiscriminately, do not know how to consult technical personnel in a timely manner, the original powdery things are also used as little as possible, easy to produce drug resistance, find large manufacturers of drugs, small manufacturers of uneven quality, easy to delay disease Causing chicken loss

5.Technician: Choose a technician, can’t see the relationship is good or bad, raise a chicken, don’t look at the face, no one looks at it, raising a chicken is not a human world, raising a chicken is killing and killing, you don’t completely solve the disease, can’t help you completely optimistic Chicken, earning money, all the people are crap.