Castration is mainly used in the breeding industry of poultry and livestock.

The purpose of castration is to eliminate the libido and reproductive capacity of livestock, so that the temperament of livestock is smooth and easy to manage;

After the castration, the meat quality of the livestock can be improved and the yield can be improved. The mating behavior in the herd can also be controlled, which is conducive to the breeding and breeding of the improved species.

Traditional surgical castration requires a specially trained veterinarian to perform.

After traditional surgical castration, if the care is not proper, the risk of wound infection is high, and the death of livestock may be caused by tetanus infection. Therefore, bloodless castration has become a common method used by modern farms for livestock castration.

Today, we will talk about the method of bloodless castration.

First,use a twisted hemp to make a paralysis, wrap the scrotum neck 7-8 loops, put a wooden stool about 30cm high on the ground .

Then put the scrotum sperm on the wooden bench and hammer it 10-15 times with a hammer.

Next put the unhammered side up, hammer it 8-10 times in the same way, and touch it with your hand to make the spermatic cord and blood vessels hammer into a soft shape.

Second,use a rubber band or a fine hemp rope to wrap around the spermatic scrotum neck so that the blood cannot pass through the testicular tissue .

hog castration pliers

After about 1-2 days, if you find that the scrotum skin is swollen, you can lift the rubber band or fine hemp rope to achieve the purpose of castration.

Third,use a fine hemp rope about 65cm long, one end fixed on the pedal stick and the other end fixed on the hand stick. The length of the foot stick and the hand stick is preferably 20 to 25 cm. Too long or too short is not conducive to the operation.

First, use a rope to wrap a lap around the neck of the scrotum.

Then the surgeon stepped on the pedals with both feet, and the two hands shook hands and lifted the sticks, pulling the handhelds in a tight and loose manner.

When operating, you should grasp the power of the hand-held hand.

If the force is too strong, the skin of the scrotum will be broken.

If the force is too small, the purpose of the castration will not be achieved, so the force should be uniform. It lasts about 10 minutes.If the spermatic cord is pulled close to break,the purpose of castration is achieved.

Fourth,formulate a drug solution with one or several chemicals.

The drug solution is injected into the testicles, the epididymis or the spermatic cord of the livestock, so that the tissue is discriminated and atrophied, thereby achieving the purpose of castration.

Such as injection with potassium iodide, iodine tablets, ethanol; injection prepared with potassium permanganate; injection prepared with anhydrous calcium chloride; MC-1 injection and so on.

Fifth , use bloodless burdizzo clamps. This is not a direct test of the testicles of male livestock.

Burdizzo clamps

It uses the huge shearing force of the pliers edge to separate the tissue, the blood vessels, the ligaments and other tissues of the livestock by a scrotum, so that the testicles are necrotic and withered without blood supply, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting male animals.

Burdizzo Clamps are a veterinary surgical instrument used for castration surgery in male livestock. The device achieves the purpose of surgery by clamping the animal spermatic cord through the scrotum of the livestock, and does not need to incision on the scrotum of the livestock, so it is called “bloodless castration”. It is a more advanced veterinary instrument.

The advantage of bloodless castration is that it is easy to care after surgery. It can be used at any other time . Because of the non-invasive history after surgery, it will not be infected or get tetanus. The operation is simple, safe and reliable, and easy to grasp.