Drinking Water Vaccination

This method saves manpower, is convenient and fast, but the vaccine is wasted more.

There are three points to note when using this method.

First, the drinking water should avoid the influence of acid, alkali and chemical substances. It is best to dilute the vaccine with distilled water and add 0.25%~0.5% skim milk powder in water.

Second, do not let the chicken drink water within 2~4 hours before immunization. Allow the chicken to drink all the diluted vaccine within 1-2 hours, and avoid strong light exposure to the vaccine solution.

Third, the drinker is rinsed with water, scrubbed clean, and the quantity is sufficient. Because the strength or density of the chicks may also cause uneven drinking water and the disadvantage of uneven immunity, it is necessary to place a sufficient chicken waterer and chicken drinker cup so that the chicks can drink the vaccine water.

Injection Vaccination

The muscles or subcutaneous injections are administered in a continuous syringe according to the prescribed number of vaccines, and the immune effect is good.

Shake the vaccine evenly while injecting and disinfect the injection kit.

In particular, the needle should be prepared adequately, and the needle should be replaced in each group. Healthy chickens are injected first and weak chickens are injected at last .

Intraocular (Eye Drop) or Nasal Instillation Method

A vaccine (0.03 mL) was instilled into the eye or nasal cavity using a dropper bottle for chicken .

In order to make the vaccine absorb water well, you can use your hand to block the contralateral nostrils and let the chickens suck in.

When the vaccine is dripped into the eyes, hold the chicken’s head so that the chicken is facing up, the vaccine is dripped into the eyelids, and the vaccine cannot be allowed to flow.

Spray Vaccination

The vaccine was diluted according to the spray method. Spray 0.5m from the chicken above the flock.

In a short period of time, large groups of chickens can be inhaled to obtain immunity. Before spraying, turn off the fan, door and window, and reopen it about 15 minutes after immunization.

This method cannot be used in the first immunization because it stimulates the respiratory mucosa.

Puncture Injection

Chicken with thorn acne needle

The method is used when vaccinating chicken pox. Spread the wings of the chicken and use the chicken with thorn acne needle to puncture the place where the chicken’s wing membrane has no blood vessels. The virus proliferates at the site of the puncture, which causes the body to produce immunity.