Once the pig is caught, it will yell, suggesting that the operator wear earplugs and must be careful at all times.

Hygiene: The main purpose is to avoid hurting the pig’s mouth. Because the rope is very hard, it is easy to damage the soft tissue of the pig’s nose and mouth. The rope sleeve should be in good condition. It is stained with external alcohol before and after use. For stretch Baoding, the rope sleeve is necessary. .

Grab the pig: Since the rope sleeve will damage the soft tissue of the pig’s nose and mouth, the correct position is necessary. The breeder should slowly move along the shoulders of the pigs and use the instinct of the pig’s mouth to put the rope into the pig’s mouth. Pull back and let the rope cover enter the back of the pig. Hold the rope tightly and tighten the rope. Once the pig wants to pull back, pull it from the opposite direction and let the pig stand upright. If the rope is used, it may not be on a railing or pillar.

Performing treatment techniques: The necessary treatment should be performed as soon as possible to minimize the pain of the pig.

Put the pig: Once the pig feels a little loose, it will be used as an escape opportunity, bow your head, violently swing, want to escape, in order to avoid injury when releasing the rope, you should quickly remove the rope. The breeder should hold the rope firmly and the other hand grabs a piece of rope next to the pig’s nose. In an instant, loosen the rope and remove the rope.

After the storage is completed, clean the rope cover with rubbing alcohol and store it.