When it comes to goat breeding management technology, the first thing that must be mentioned is the numbering and registration management of goats. This is one of the important basic tasks for modern scale farming and scientific management.

Goat Numbering Method

The method of numbering of goats includes ear missing number, metal ear number, plastic ear number, thorn ink number and horn chrome number. However, i think that the more practical implementation is the earless numbering method, which is the easiest to apply. Now position the sheep to the left and right, let the sheep stand against the person, position the left and right sides of the person, and cut the ear of the sheep with the four ears. The order of the four ear margins is the same.

The sum of the missing ear on each side represents a single digit of the sheep number, and the absence of the ear edge represents zero. The sheep number consists of four digits. The method of identification is: clockwise direction from left to right, left front is thousands, left rear is hundred, right rear is ten, right front is a bit. The first digit of each sheep number represents the birth year number, the double digit of the mantissa represents the ewes, and the single number represents the ram.

yellow cattle ear tags

Goat Age Registration and Birth Record

Registered at a reliable age, the newly purchased goats without a birth record recorded the age of the sheep in an angular turn. The corners are not left with hair. The goat’s head only sees the corner bag, which is 2 months old; the angle wheel starts to be 3 months old; each obvious angle wheel is regarded as 1 month, and the rest of the ages are pushed to the permanent incisors. The age of the goats is 1 year and a half, the middle teeth are 2 years old, the outer teeth are 3 years old, and the changing teeth are 4 years old.
The teeth of the teeth are 5 years old; all the incisors become thinner and shorter, and become nearly circular flank. For angles of 8 years and older, the age of the teeth is not accurate enough. For reference only, the birth record shall prevail.

Goat Color Registration

Take China Guizhou Province white goat as an example, its color is divided into white, black and hemp. Among the three colors, the flower-colored sheep are different in color, and the flower-based flower is called a certain color flower sheep. The characteristics are mainly manifested in the length of the hair, whether the head has white, fleshy, angular, etc., as far as possible to distinguish the difference between this goat and other goats.

Establish a Goat’s Technical Data File with a Sheep Population Number Record

To do a good job in goat feeding management techniques, it is necessary to make a record of the weight growth of the goats, the rewards, the lambing records, the inputs and medication records of the goats, the incidence records of the sheep, and the death records of the sheep. Should be done item by item, this matter is expensive, in order to prepare for production work.