1. Newborn yak should promptly remove mucus and amniotic fluid from the mouth and respiratory tract to prevent foreign body pneumonia or suffocation.

2, pay attention to observe after the umbilical cord, to prevent infection. Especially for the burdocks kept in the collateral, avoid eating the umbilical cords with each other.

3, breeding yak indoors should always change valerian, to keep clean, dry, pay attention to heat preservation in winter, to prevent yak diarrhea and colds.

4. The colostrum should be eaten within 30~50 minutes after the yak is produced. The cows should maintain the colostrum for 7 days to enhance the resistance of the yak. When the nipple is too large or the breast is too low, artificially assist the yak to eat milk. In the colostrum period, 1 to 2 hours after each lactation, you should drink 35~38 °C warm water once, and Yifuyuan animal edible fungus liquid should be added in a ratio of 1:200-300.

5. During the calf feeding, care should be taken not to damage the breast of the lactating cow or cause mastitis. If necessary, it can be artificially milked within the first 2 days.

6. The weak yak should be fed separately, strengthen management, find abnormal phenomena to strengthen management, and deal with it in time.