1. Sheep ear tags are a two piece tag that can be custom and printed,so we can have any set of consecutive numbers on a strip of tags or we can put a logo or words on a tag .Use a swivel tag simply twist a male and female tag off the strips and pull.Make sure the tags you grab are of the same number.
  2. Place a swivel tag on the swivel tag applicator, slide the female tag the one with the whole number side up into the female jaw. Make sure that the tag and the hole in the jaw line up .
  3. Next,insert the male tag .Once that’s inserted ,slightly squeeze the applicator to make sure the male pin and the female hole line up .
  4. Next,choose where to install. The label should be placed in the center of the sheep’s ear. If the label is too far to the head, the ear tag will be at risk of being torn off by the brush or panel or feeder.
  5. But if you’re too close to the head, the tissue is thick and hard to puncture with the tag.Also there’s a large vein that runs through the center of the ear .
  6. When you place the tag, you want to be either above or below this vein. If you have experience putting in tags ,it’s easy to see where the vein is from the outside of the ear ,and it’s easy to place the male pin on either side of that vein.
  7. But if you’re fairly new to pegging lambs ,it’s best to put the male pin on the inside to guide exactly where that tag will be placed, so take the male pin, put it towards the center of the ear.
  8. Last use a disinfectant to kill any germs and maybe on the tag or on the ear.