Calf weaning device

For the healthy growth of the calf, we usually need to wean the calf in time.

The weaning device is designed for the calf.

The installation of the weaning device is very simple .


  1. Firstly ensure the butterfly nut is loose so that the opening at the top of the nose band is at its widest
  2. Secondly insert one side of the nose band into the one nostril
  3. Then maneuver simply maneuver the other side into the other side of the nostril by using your thumb more fingers ;
  4. Thirdly tighten the butterfly nut so that the nose band is firm in the nostril so that it can move up and down;
  5. If it the nose band is too firm it cannot move up and down in the nostril and that is not the correct firmness .

The company sells many types of weaning devices .