Conservation piglets refer to the stage of weaning to the end of childcare, which is referred to as weaned piglets.

It has fast growth and high susceptibility to disease and needs to be carefully fed, usually for 5 weeks.

Although the conservation piglets are larger than the suckling piglets, the conservation piglets are the most in the whole farm because the piglets lack the protection of the sow-derived antibodies, and the autoimmune function is not well developed, and there are various vaccine immune stresses.

In the difficult stage of feeding, the following details should be noted during the feeding process:

1. Three-point positioning after weaning

If the pig herds can develop the habit of fixed-point feeding and fixed-point excrement, it can greatly reduce the workload of the breeder, so the three-point positioning is an important part of the management of pig breeding.

Before the piglets enter the nursery, they should put a small amount of piglets droppings from the same age in advance in the place where the piglets are excreted.

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If a pig toilet made of iron shelves is placed on it, the subsequent positioning effect is better.

2. Piglet feeding method after weaning

Piglets cannot be used free feeding method immediately after weaning, but should be fed a little less each time and fed several times a day.

The amount of feed added each time allows the piglets to finish eating within half an hour. This will not only prevent the piglets from being over-satisfied, but also prevent diarrhea and also meet the nutritional needs of piglets for growth and development.  ( related product: piglet feeding trough )