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This article is about some of the management work that we need to do in the pig house this spring. I hope to bring some new knowledge to the readers and how to solve the problem. Because the temperature is particularly unstable during the spring season, sometimes the temperature is high and the temperature is low, especially in the rainy weather, the temperature is extremely low, so the cold and heat often cause the pigs to have a cold, and some symptoms of diarrhea.
The occurrence of such a situation is very unfavorable to our farming process and will increase the cost of our farming. So how do we manage the pig farm in the spring season?

First and foremost, one of the things that must be done is to disinfect. In the spring season, it is the peak period of bacteria and various germs and microbial reproduction, so this time we must do a good job in the disinfection work in the pig house. In general, it is recommended to use lime when sterilizing the pig house, because this lime has a strong lethality and can be sprayed on the wall and on the ground where various bacteria gather.

And some of the tools we use for the pigs should be cleaned, disinfected with disinfectant after cleaning, and then cleaned with clean water after disinfection. Under normal circumstances, many farmers’ uncleaning measures before the disinfection will cause the pigs to poison when they are eaten, and the light will affect the appetite of the pigs. Therefore, we should pay attention to this problem when disinfecting, and perform a cleaning before disinfection and after disinfection.

In the process of breeding pigs, it is also necessary to ensure that the environment of the pig house is dry. Because this kind of pig is suitable for growing in a dry environment, although the temperature in the spring is rising little by little, it is relatively low, and there is often a rainy weather, and the environment in the pig farm is relatively humid. This pig breed can easily get sick if it is in a humid environment for a long time.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do a good job in a series of work in terms of environmental humidity. At the same time, you should always ventilate and breathe the pig house to prevent the dirty air in the pig house from affecting the growth of the pig. If you are using the method of raising pigs in the open air, then we should take a warm shed above the pig farm at this time, so that we can effectively keep the pigs warm and keep the environment dry. At the time, pay special attention to warm work, so that the survival rate of piglets can be higher.

The last point is about disease prevention and deworming. Since spring is the season of high disease, it is most likely to have some typhoid, gastroenteritis and swine fever at this time. Therefore, in the process of breeding such pigs, it is recommended that farmers must strictly follow the immunization procedures, give each pig an immunization vaccine, and must not use the ineffective vaccine and the mismatched vaccine.

If a disease occurs, we must prohibit the entry and exit of the person in addition to the disinfection work, and the person who feeds the pig should also carry out a thorough disinfection. In the spring season, there are more parasites, although it will not pose a threat to the life of such pigs, but it will make the pigs grow particularly slowly and increase the cost of farming. So we have to give them regular deworming.

The above is the article in this issue for everyone to explain, about some of the main points of our management of the pig house in the spring season, I hope to bring some new knowledge and help to the breeding readers. These methods of raising pigs must be remembered and will have a great effect on your pig breeding process. If there are any skills or experiences of friends who have cultivated such pigs, please feel free to comment in the comment area below.