Shearing wool is a very simple thing in the eyes of many people, but the people who have actually done it know how difficult it is.

Because the emotion of the sheep is the first thing we have to control, otherwise the whole process of shearing wool cannot be carried out smoothly.

Before shearing the wool, we have to consider many aspects in order to shear the wool smoothly and safely.

For example, the use of scissors, the order of shearing and the length of shearing wool have a rough standard. Those are some of the points that we need to pay attention to in shearing wool.

Shearing tool

The tools of shearing wool are scissors( manual wool shears and electric sheep goat wool shears ) and rope. It is necessary to cross the four legs of the sheep before shearing, in order to prevent it from running away. Because it is more scary when shearing wool, the binding is to reduce the accident. After fixing, gently touch sheep’s forehead, feed it, and let it stabilize.

Shearing process

After the sheep’s mood is stable, you can start to shear the wool. First shear from the leg, the length of the shear is about 1-2cm. If the sheep has obvious discomfort, you need to stop to see if it is sheared too long.

After the leg is sheared, then shear wool from the middle of the stomach along the leg and spread it to both sides to ensure the integrity of the wool. The wool on the tail can be simply modified and not used as a product of shearing.

Attention matters of shearing wool

  1. If the sheepskin is cut during the process of shearing, you need to stop and comfort the sheep to prevent the sheep from continuing to struggle and affect the health of the sheep.
  2. Always pay attention to the emotions of the sheep during the process of shearing wool.
  3. Use sharp wool shears
  4. Pay attention to the method and sequence of shearing wool