It directly determines the direction of the future development of the chicken farm, and there are many things to consider in the site selection of the chicken farm. For example, the variety of chicken farms and the size of the chicken farm are all big problems that can be used to select the site of the chicken farm.

Whether the area of the chicken farm, the soil, power supply and water source of the site are convenient, whether the epidemic prevention conditions and traffic conditions can meet the needs of the chicken farm.

Here are some points to note on the specific site selection:

First, the site of the chicken farm should be in a dry, well-drained place.

Different places have different choices. When you are in the plains, you should choose a place with a higher terrain and tilt toward the south or southeast. In the mountains and hills: it is best to choose the south slope. This place is convenient for drainage and sunlight. Conducive to the normal growth of the flock. No matter where you are, the drainage system must be good, otherwise the damage caused by a heavy rain will be very large.

Second, the chicken farm is built in a sparsely populated place.

The chicken farm is actually dirty and stinking. If it is built in a densely populated place, it will cause resentment to people around. The chicken farm can be built in a place where people are less, but the traffic must be convenient. The traffic here refers to the vehicle. Places that can be reached, rather than frequent vehicles, because too many cars are prone to instability, resulting in reduced egg production. Moreover, places with few people are not easily infected by epidemics, which is conducive to preventing the spread of the disease.

Third, do a good job in the infrastructure of the chicken farm

Water source and power supply are the most important things to pay attention to when building a chicken farm. The water source is best to use tap water. If not, the groundwater can be used. However, the water quality is good, and the standard can be used for the chicken farm. The power supply is also very important, whether it is outdoor or indoor. Need electricity, chicks in the brooding stage of the temperature requirements are relatively high, and ultimately, electricity to play a role. There must also be shades in the chicken farm. It is best to have bamboo and small trees in the field to facilitate the chickens.

Fourth, the safety factor of the site should be high

When selecting a site, the chicken farm should choose a place that can enclose the whole place. This way, the site becomes an independent system. People outside can’t enter it casually. Livestock and wild animals can’t just enter, and the chickens can’t easily come out. Can save a lot of manpower and material resources.

Many chicken farmers are not very serious in the early site selection, but they have found problems in the actual operation. It is much more troublesome to change them later. Therefore, preparations before raising chickens are very important, especially for site selection and selection. The location of the chicken farm, the disease, the weather, the water source and other problems that are prone to problems do not need to be very worried, can improve the efficiency of the entire chicken farm, which is also related to the success of raising chicken.