Animal breeding intelligent monitoring system can realize automatic monitoring, collection, adjustment and control of parameters such as temperature, humidity, gas concentration and illuminance, and reserve manual control mode. Through the perfect combination of manual and automatic, the ideal control effect can be achieved. To create a comfortable and healthy environment for animals to achieve better economic benefits. The system software has the characteristics of friendly interface and visualized results.

1. Provide environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity, ammonia gas, carbon dioxide concentration, illuminance and atmospheric pressure at each monitoring point;
2, support historical data query, can provide data basis for some emergencies.
3, historical curve, statistical report function, by observing the trend, you can sum up the corresponding rules, and then summarize some farming management experience.
4. Real-time alarm function. When the value of a parameter detected exceeds the limit, the monitoring software will send out an alarm message to remind the management personnel in time.
5, the data is automatically stored, recorded, and can be exported to Excel form for future reference and reference.
6. The system software adopts the industrial configuration platform, which has the characteristics of stable performance, easy maintenance and convenient expansion. According to the distribution of the farmhouse, the location and layout of the farmhouse can be distinguished on the interface, and the monitoring interface is more vivid.
7. The monitoring software is operated in Chinese, the installation is simple, the parameter setting is user-friendly, and it is easy to operate and use.