Do a good job of disinfection

In order to minimize the risk of infection, the pig tail cutter should be sharp and unnotched.

Moreover, before and after using the tail cutter , wash and soak with hot soapy water, wash it, and then put the pig tail cutter into the disinfectant to soak and disinfect.

Disinfect with disinfectant between every two piglets. The tail cutter cannot be used for cutting teeth or breaking the umbilical cord.

Ideal tail length

The main problem when cutting the tail is that the length of the tail is different.

If it is too short, it will heal slowly near the root of the tail, and the chance of infection is high; if it is too long, the pig may still bite the tail.

Ideal tail length: Cut the tail to 25mm long. If the electric heating pig tail cutter is used, it should be fully heated, and the strength and speed should be moderate when the tail is cut.

Treatment after the piglet is cut off the tail

After cutting the tail, bleeding usually solidifies quickly. It is important to check if bleeding is stopped within 5 minutes after the tail is broken.

If it continues to bleed, use a tourniquet for 15 minutes or use an electric cross-section to stop bleeding. Remember not to burn to others.