30ml Dropper Bottle for Chicken

Polyethylene plastic material

Bottle with 30ml scale

Chicken vaccine dropper

Non-toxic and safety


The dropper bottle is made of polyethylene and is mainly used for vaccination of animals such as chickens and ducks.

The dropper bottles for chicken have good sealing performance and is convenient for canning.

The dropper bottle for poultry has a capacity of 30 ml.


The chicken plastic dropper bottles are made of polyethylene and is durable.

Large capacity, easy to inject

Chicken dropper bottle has a clear scale for more precise injection

Use a chicken dropper bottle to drip the vaccine into the eyes or nose of the chicken or duck.

Non-toxic plastic, safe, corrosion resistant, durable

The cap of the bottle is well sealed and will not leak the vaccine.


A vaccine (0.03 mL) was instilled into the eye or nasal cavity using a plastic dropper bottle.

In order to make the vaccine absorb water well, you can use your hand to block the contralateral nostrils and let the chickens suck in.

When the vaccine is dripped into the eyes, hold the chicken’s head so that the chicken is facing up, the vaccine is dripped into the eyelids, and the vaccine cannot be allowed to flow.

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Polyethylene plastic




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