//Animal Cage Hose Clamp Pliers Tool

Animal Cage Hose Clamp Pliers Tool

Excellent quality and reasonable price

M-shaped animal tied clamp

Simple operation and durability

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The animal cage hose clamp tool is suitable for the installation of various pets and small animal cages in chicken cages, bird cages and rabbit cages.

This cage clip and pliers is heat treated at high temperature and the quality is guaranteed. The cage clamp is easy to operate and uses the same high efficiency as the stapler.

This pliers tool is a semi-automatic binding clamp.Use this tool to make tying cages easier.

This tied cage clamp is fast and automatic, and it is easy to learn. It will be used at a glance. It can be used without the need for other professional tools (such as electro-pneumatic zone devices) and is easy to use.


Get rid of the irritability and pain caused by the original operation of the thin wire tied cage. It can quickly assemble the bulk mesh to form a body cage, which saves time and energy and is convenient and convenient.

It is more formal than a thin wire tied cage, and there are no extra joint protrusions that will not pierce the animal’s body.

Usually, a few people can only tie a group of cages a day. With a special group of cage plier, a group of cages can be tied in half an hour. The tied cages are not loose, once formed, the nets are tied together and will not sway. Greatly improved work efficiency.

The Animal cage hose clamp pliers tool of M type nail—chicken cage clamp nail pliers, weighing about 200 grams. The cage plier is easy to use, a chicken cage clamp nail pliers is 20 times faster than common jaw pliers.

In addition, the company also sells C-clamps, excellent quality and reasonable price, welcome to consult and order. Cage Clip and Pliers rabbit cage clips cage clip pliers .

Additional information


Plastic, galvanized


180*140 mm



Matched clip

M clip, C clip


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