Animal heat lamp

Aluminum alloy lamp mouth, good low temperature performance

Thickened glass, waterproof and explosion-proof

7 molybdenum wire bracket, strong shockproof


This product is suitable for local heating in piglets, brooding and other animal husbandry industries. It is a new generation of insulation products for the breeding industry.

This product has a fast heating speed. It is waterproof and explosion-proof by spray test, energy saving is 30%, and brightness is reduced by 30%. It is an essential product for farms.

There are two types of products: one is a heat-insulating lamp with a smooth surface, and the other is a thick-colored heat-sink with a matte surface.


Fast heating

30% energy saving, even heat distribution

Waterproof and explosion-proof

Reduced brightness by 30%

Free welding, lead free, excellent workmanship, safe and secure

Six molybdenum wire bracket is shockproof and has a long service life

Thick horse shop mirror anti-collision, large heat dissipation area

One-piece molding, excellent quality

E27 screw interface, suitable for a variety of interfaces, never loose

High quality aluminum reflective coating for efficient heat collection

The filament is well-made and the heating is fast.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg



Chicken ,Piglet


100-250W adjustable

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