Animal Semen Collection

Removable for easy cleaning

Excellent quality and durability

Non-toxic plastic material, safe and sanitary


The animal semen collection can be used for cattle and sheep. The collector is usde for collecting animal semen .

The semen collection has a fake vagina, an outer casing, an inner tube, a funnel, a collecting bottle.

Cattle and sheep animals semen collection is the primary technical link of artificial insemination.

There are many methods of semen collection, and the currently accepted method commonly used for various livestock is the pseudo-vaginal method.

Animal semen collection is a tool designed for beginners and operators of artificial insemination.

Add warm water between the plastic tube and the latex tube, seal the ends, and place it on the bovine penis.

Animal semen collection use the balloon to take gas and squeeze the cow hair to stimulate the cow to estrus.

Clean and disinfect semen animal after use.

Features of animal semen collection:

  1. Semen collection is easy to install and easy to operate
  2. Non-toxic plastic material, safe and sanitary
  3. Excellent quality and durability
  4. Design science, complete accessories
  5. Removable for easy cleaning

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Applicable object:

cattle ,sheep

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