Animal Tattoo Pliers

Stainless steel material

Quick and simple operation

Tattoo lasts for a long time



Animal tattoo pliers gives you the means to permanently and positively identify  livestock. Tattoos are a great back-up solution in the event that a livestock ear tag is lost. It can be difficult to identify your livestock that are the same breed, so tattoos can prevent any confusion between the livestock.

It’s recommended you use redundant identification methods for this very reason – and a good way to go about that is to use both tattooing and livestock tagging. Effective methods include a numeral system to organize livestock.

The animal tattoo tool is designed to make the process as easy and as fast as possible. We offer both animal tattoo ink and the tools to apply the tattoos to livestock animals. The animal tattoo kits are advanced and effective in preventing tearing and scratching from livestock moving during the process.

Tattoo plier tool is precision made of special stainless steel by skilled craftsmen.

The tattoo digits can be loaded from the front, and as each is individually located, no blanks are required.

Digits cannot be inverted accidentally.

The positive ear release prevents points of the digits from scratching or blurring the tattoo mark.

Note:The ink is not easy to transport, so we advice that you can purchase in local market.


  1. Tattoo tool is stainless steel material
  2. With black ink
  3. If the correct tools and material is used, it is simpler and quicker than branding and requires less preparation and infrastructure.
  4. It can be used on animals of any age, whether small or large stock.
  5. The cost is lower in terms of equipment, consumables and time.
  6. It is unobtrusive, which can also be a disadvantage.
  7. It can be used by itself, or as a backup to other identification systems.
  8. Small damage to the skin of animals.
  9. The material, a biologically inactive ink, has no effect on the animal.
  10. The animal experiences less pain and stress.
  11. The animal tattoo tool is suitable for all livestock – cattle, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, game animals, and even dogs.
  12. Animal tattoo pliers is far more portable and can be carried in a small case or bag.

In addition, the company also sells ear notching pliers, animal ear punch ear hole pliers , and ear tag pliers . Excellent quality and reasonable price, welcome to consult and purchase.

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Stainless Steel






Safety, operation simple


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