Animal Vaginal Speculum

Cattle obstetrics tools

Carbon steel material

No rust, health and safety


This animal vaginal speculum is used in livestock farming to provide livestock with equipment for propagating the genitals of animals.

After opening, it is also convenient to observe the internal conditions of the livestock genitals.

The vaginal speculum is a large vaginal speculum, mainly suitable for large animals such as cattle and horses.

In addition, we also offer a small vaginal speculum for sheep and pig .


  1. The animal vaginal speculum is non-irritating, non-injurious, healthy and safe
  2. Selected high quality stainless steel for durability
  3. With serrations, it can be perfectly fixed
  4. Protects the inner wall of the cervix with a round head design
  5. The entrance of the vaginal speculum is appropriate for easy access to the light source and the vas deferens


The animal vaginal speculum should be sterilized before use.

Apply a lubricant (Vaseline) to the surface, then the speculum should be closed, slowly inserted with a horizontal arm, inserted 90° clockwise, and then the speculum is opened for observation.

Wash the inside and outside dirt with detergent after use, use tap water.

Rinse and place in a dry box for dry heat sterilization.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 33 cm

carbon steel

Applicable object:

cattle and sheep



Max opening:


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