Artificial Insemination Gun for Cattle

Stainless steel

Scientific design, easy to use

Durable and easy to operate


Artificial insemination guns for cattle are mainly used for artificial insemination of cattle.

Artificial insemination in cattle equipment has three specifications artificial insemination gun for sale, exquisite workmanship.

This insemination gun is made of stainless steel, durable and easy to operate.

Artificial insemination gun features

Artificial insemination gun for cattle is made of stainless steel, it is durable and will not be damaged for life.

The insemination gun cattle head can be separated, the length can be adjusted, and the use is comfortable and convenient.

Cattle ai gun is scientific design and easy to use.

Ai gun for cattle advantages

  1. Ai gun for cattle has cost-effective
  2. Ai guns for cattle has unique design science
  3. Artificial insemination guns are safe use
  4. The insemination gun can be recycled multiple times, saving costs
  5. Handle design of artificial insemination guns for cattle with syringe for comfortable and convenient use

Artificial insemination guns for cattle instructions

  1. Ripped from the end
  2. Insert the insemination gun
  3. Insert the outer sleeve from the front end
  4. Insemination gun putter output semen

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Stainless steel



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