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Automatic Chicken Drinker Plasson Bell Waterer for Poultry

New polyethylene material

Strong toughness, anti-fall, anti-aging and so on

Non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly

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This chicken water feeder plasson bell waterer is an automatic drinker designed for chicken.

Compared with other chicken drinking fountains, this automatic chicken water dispenser is more convenient to use and has a more beautiful appearance.

The drinker plasson waterer is one of hanging poultry dinking cups.The automatic chicken drinker is made of plastic.

Plasson poultry drinkers features

  1. New polyethylene material of chicken drinking water bell waterer
  2. The poultry drinkeris strong toughness, anti-fall, anti-aging and so on
  3. The drinker is non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly
  4. With a network design, the chassis, barrel and lid can be nested
  5. Automatic poultry drinker bell chicken waterer is easy to clean, easy to transport, more environmentally friendly, more beautiful

Product size picture

Plasson broiler drinker display

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