Automatic Dosing Device

Automatic dosing device

Wide range of use

Easy installation

Save human effort


Fertilizer Injector Pump Proportione Automatic Dosing Device injector dispenser

This product is an automatic dosing device. The dosing device can automatically do the dosing according to the set ratio.

Use this dosing device to save time and effort and improve efficiency.

The automatic dosing device can be used in a wide range of applications, including animal husbandry, horticultural flowers, fertilizer watering and other areas that require dilution.

This dosing device is environmentally friendly and safe.

Working principle

The suction additive portion and the proportional pump body are combined by a piston rod connected to the water flow force.

The piston rod with the reverse flow rotates in a cylinder, and the person who presses it out will be mounted at the bottom.

The liquid additive in the container is evenly drawn into the water stream through the pipe.

Reasons to buy the dosing device

The automatic dosing device can change the type and proportion of the drug at any time.

Rapid drug delivery during emergency treatment, saving a lot of manpower

The automatic dosing device can fully mix the drugs and reduce the blockage of water lines caused by residual sedimentation.

Dosing devices are widely used.

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Automatic dosing device






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