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Automatic Hog Drinker

Stainless steel and copper material

Pig automatic dring water suppy

Easy to install and long-lasting

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This automatic hog drinker is suitable for modern pig farms for clean drinking water.

Made from pure 304 stainless steel, the product is durable and ensures quality. The main body of the drinking fountain is thickened, with high corrosion resistance and high hardness; the marble type is designed to prevent splashing water, and the water is large and does not leak.

The automatic pig drinker is made of pure stainless steel, which is resistant to rust, corrosion, drop, impact and aging.

The thickening is increased, the life is long, the main body of the automatic drinker is thickened and enlarged, the life is long, and the life is durable.

The automatic pig drinker is designed with a waterproof ball that has a large amount of water and does not spill water.

The drinker is finely polished and does not hurt the pig’s mouth. It is made with precision and the edges are polished to prevent cutting the pig’s mouth.


All drinkers are connected to 4 water pipes. It is recommended to use galvanized steel pipes.

The angle of installation of the drinker is horizontal and 45°, and the height from the ground varies with the weight of the pig.

The drinker should be installed away from the pig rest area and the defecation area. Regularly check the working status of the drinker.

Remove mud, adjust and reinforce the screws, and find faults and replace drinker’s parts in time

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stainless steel and copper






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