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Automatic Pig Feeder

Stainless steel pig trough

Clean and hygienic, reduce intestinal diseases

high strength and corrosion resistance of the feeder


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The hog feeder is a deepening barrel. It has a lot of materials and a built-in automatic feeder. It can automatically cut off with a single touch.

The feeder is an automatic feeding trough for pigs. It is suitable for large swine farms, saving time and powerman, and being clean.The company not only sells pig feeders, but also sells a variety of livestock drinking fountains. The quality of the hog feeder is guaranteed and the price is reasonable. Welcome to consult and purchase.


1. The automatic pig feeder is made of stainless steel and has high strength and corrosion resistance. It can resist the damage of pigs.

2. This automatic swine trough is equipped with independent and precise adjustment device, and the multi-position adjusts the feeding speed to reduce feed waste.

3. This pig feeder has a defensive hole position, which is clean and hygienic, reducing the probability of pigs suffering from intestinal diseases.

4. Scientifically designed, the hog feeder can automatically cut materials, reduce feed waste and save on feed costs.

5. The design is reasonable and the structure is scientific, which reduces the labor intensity of the breeder, shortens the pig storage time and increases the efficiency of raising pigs.

6. The feeder is smooth and polished without burrs to prevent scratching the pig and feeding safely.

7. The automatic pig feeder is made of thick stainless steel, which is durable and more stable.

8.Feed in the column. The automatic pig feeder has 6 food stalls, single-sided design, and feeding by the column, which can meet the needs of multiple piglets while eating, and the feed is more concentrated.

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Stainless steeel


Suitable for wean to finish pig feeding




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