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Automatic Pig Feeder for Sale

Automatic piglet feeder for sale

Durable and excellent quality

Thick high quality plastic material

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This pig feeder is a double-sided feed trough for piglets.

Automatic feeders are mainly suitable for piglets. The automatic pig feeder is made of thick plastic material, which is resistant to falling, very strong, not easy to damage and has a long service life.

The automatic pig feeder for sale is transported by logistics, and the accessories are complete. After receiving the goods, you need to assemble it yourself. When assembling, you can contact us by phone if you have any questions. We will try our best to answer them.

This automatic pig feeder has two specifications, one is a small trough, the size is 72*50*57cm, there are 10 slots, the other is a large trough, the size is 104*54*64cm, There are 12 slots.

This product is made of plastic material. In addition, the company also sells stainless steel automatic hog feeders for sale .


Hog feeders for sale has two sizes to choose from

Complete accessories, assembled feeder, screw-mounted, easy to operate.

The automatic pig feeder is a thickened tank, and the bottom edge of the feeding position is made of 304 stainless steel edging, which is resistant to bite and corrosion.

The automatic feeder is a double-face design. The large size is 12 holes on both sides. The small size is 10 holes on both sides. The two pig houses can use one trough to save costs.

The automatic pig feeder for sale have a built-in automatic feeding machine. The pig’s mouth is gently topped and automatically cut, saving time and effort, saving feed, and effectively reducing the cost of feeding.

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