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Automatic poultry water drinker cup

Easy to install and use

Automatic chicken drinker

High quality plastic material

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This product is made of red mature plastic, with good toughness, strong extrusion resistance, automatic control of water level and convenient scale farming.

  1. Hygiene. The product keeps the drinking water in a state of live water, clean and hygienic, because it is used separately by chickens, thus greatly reducing the channels for the spread of bacteria and diseases.
  2. Convenient to feed the medicine. As long as the medicine is added to the water tower in proportion, the medicine is finished with water and there is no waste.
  3. Easy to install. According to the iron cage model design, it can be directly attached to the chicken cage and pigeon cage without any other fixed objects. Then connect the drinking cup to the pressure regulating water tank with a plastic tube.
  4. Easy to clean. Use a disposable sponge or soft cloth to clean the cup. Add disinfectant to the water one month to disinfect the water pipe.
  5. Economical and practical. Save money. Fully automatic design, automatic water addition, automatic water stop, always keep full of water.


The drinking bowl is fixed on the cage with screws, and then the water and the water tank are connected by plastic pipes. The water pressure should not be too large.

Add a filter at the outlet of the tank to keep the water clean.

The plastic tube connected to the nipple drinker should not be too tight, should be kept 2cm to prevent shrinkage.

During use, it is best to clean every 1-2 months to extend the life.


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