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Automatic Rabbit Nipple Drinker

Made of alloy and copper

Excellent quality and reasonable price

Rabbit automatic drinking water system special equipment


automatic watering system for rabbits

The establishment of a complete automatic rabbit watering system plays a vital role in rabbit breeding.

The drinker is a spring automatic nipple drinker for rabbits. automatic water feeder for rabbits

This rabbit nipple drinker automatically supplies water, saving time and effort, and is available in a variety of models.

The sealing performance of the product is good. When water is needed, there is water immediately. When it is not needed, it will stop automatically and will not leak.

The nipple drinker is easy to install and requires no professional or professional equipment.

The automatic rabbit nipple drinker is made of alloy material and the nipple is made of copper with excellent quality.

Automatic watering system nipple drinker for rabbits is a kind of water feeders tool to rabbit ,the rabbit nipple drinker 360 degree stainless steel nipple head that will work from any angle.

The design of the nipple drinker is reasonable and scientific, and all parts are detachable for easy cleaning.

Instructions for use

When the rabbit touches the valve stem, the water will automatically flow out. When the rabbit leaves, the water will stop flowing automatically, which not only saves water resources, but also reduces artificial water supply, saving time and effort.

This rabbit drinker is made of alloy and is durable. Compared to old-fashioned drinking fountains, nipple drinkers are safer and can eliminate bacteria.


The design of the nipple drinker is reasonable and scientific

Drinking water drinker for rabbit are made of high quality and durable

Use automatic drinking water system to save water, reduce bacterial growth and prevent disease

Use nipple drinker to save manpower and reduce production costs

The automatic rabbit drinker rabbit nipple water system is easy to install and easy to clean

rabbit automatic watering system

Additional information


automatic watering system


stainless steel


360 degrees sensitivity




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