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Automatic Rabbit Waterer

Galvanized material

Rabbit automatic drinking fountain

Excellent quality and reasonable price

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The automatic nipple waterer is suitable for caged animal drinking water .

And it rabbit nipple water system is also suitable for free-range animal drinking water.

The use of the automatic rabbit drinker saves water, makes it easy to keep the water clean, and reduces the chance of disease transmission.

This type of automatic watering system for rabbit is divided into three categories: spherical, tapered and flat seal.

The automatic nipple drinker uses the capillary principle to keep a drop of water hanging from the bottom of the valve stem.

When the rabbit drinks water, the valve stem is activated to open the valve, and the water automatically flows out for drinking.

Usually, the pressure of the water supply system on the top of the valve body is pressed against the valve seat to prevent water leakage.

This rabbit automatic waterer is galvanized and durable.This autoamtic rabbit waterer has a spring inside and is an automatic drinking device.

Automatic rabbit waterers for sale are very important in automatic drinking water systems rabbit water system. They are easy to use and can be hung on rabbit cages.

There are all kinds of automatic rabbit drinkers waterers automatic for sale .


Automatic water nipples for rabbits

Rabbit automatic drinking water device rabbit waterers

The surface of the automatic drinker is galvanized for durability

Automatic waterer is easy to install and easy to use

Watering system for rabbits is of excellent quality and reasonable price

Save water and make rabbit drinking water safer and cleaner

water dispenser for rabbits

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Automatic rabbit drinker








Galvanized material


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