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The ear tag is one of the animal identifiers used to prove the identity of the animal, and the sign bearing the individual information of the animal is applied to the ear of the animal.

This cow ear tag is a identification card without numbers.

The blank cattle ear tags are available in a variety of sizes and colors .

In large farms, the use of ear tags is essential for the prevention or management of livestock.

Blank cattle ear tags can fill in the required information according to your needs.

The ear tag is of good quality and can be used for a long time and is not easy to fade.

The blank cattle ear tags are brightly coloured and recognizable, making them easy to identify even when the animals are far away.

Features of ear tags

  1. The cow ear tags are excellent in material and durable
  2. You can write or number on the ear tag as needed, without fading
  3. The company also offers customizable ear tags .
  4. Not embrittled, not broken
  5. The blank cattle ear tags are brightly colored and easy to identify.
  6. Livestock cattle ear tags are resistant to high temperatures, cold, and not easily broken.
  7. The ear tag material is soft.
  8. Excellent material, good elasticity, environmentally friendly and durable
  9. The cattle ear tags for sale are bright in color and highly recognizable.
  10. The blank cattle ear tags for sale are made of TPU raw material, long service life and durability
  11. The calf ear tags are used with the matching ear tag pliers for high efficiency and easy installation.


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