Blank Sheep Lamb Ear Tags

One-piece sheep ear tags

Multiple colors to choose from

Customized according to needs

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The sheep ear tag is one of the animal identifiers used to prove the identity of the animal in livestock farming, and the sign bearing the individual information of the animal is applied to the ears of the animals.

In modern scale farming, ear tags are worn on the ears of livestock.

The blank sheep lamb ear tags are a customizable ear tag, and the specific content of the ear tag is customized. Please contact customer service for detailed communication before purchasing.

You can customize the number, text, factory name, trademark map, picture, mobile phone number, QR code and other content on the ear tags.


The sheep ear tag is TPU material, cold resistant, heat resistant .

Ear tags need to be used with ear clips.

Sheep lamb ear tags are available in three colors.

Bold and increase the font, more eye-catching, easy to distinguish.

The blank sheep ear tags are a rectangular ear tag, in addition to the company also sells round ear tags.

How to tag a lamb using sheep ear tags and a ear tag applicator ?

Sheep ear tags can be placed into the ear tag applicator by folding it in the middle and pushing it into the open jaws with your finger.

Slide the female side into the jaw with the recessed hole. Then you can easily work the male portion into the other jaw of the applicator.

Gently close the applicator to make sure the male and female tags meet.

While gripping the ear firmly at the proposed position of the tag, place the point of the tag in contact with the ear close to your thumb. This allows you to feel the vein therefore avoiding it.

Completely close the applicator until the tag is inserted through the ear and the female side of the tag.

While still holding the ear, release the applicator and check that the tag is free of the applicator before pulling away.

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