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Bloodless castration forceps are veterinary surgical instruments used for castration surgery in male livestock.

The device achieves the purpose of surgery by clamping the animal spermatic cord through the scrotum of the livestock, and does not need to incision on the scrotum of the livestock, which is called “no blood castration”.It is a more advanced veterinary instrument.

Construction principle:

Bloodless castration clamps are usually made of metal materials such as stainless steel. The appearance is similar to a large pliers.

The structure generally includes: a handle for twisting during surgery; and a secondary lever mechanism for maximizing the force of the operator.


Stainless steel, hand-polished, the surface is specially treated

Smooth surface

Layered design protects the instrument from wear

The connection is screwed, detachable and easy to use.

Precise positioning, tight stitching, more three-dimensional

Thick design, international leading imprint technology, three-dimensional hand-built


The animals being operated should be healthy, free from infectious diseases and vascular diseases.

Castration is really reliable

To master the time of surgery: 3 minutes for cattle and 1.5 minutes for sheep

After the operation, if the animal is found to be infected, treat it promptly.

When the bloodless castration clamp is used to hold the skin of the scrotum, the skin of the scrotum should flow out a little, and it should be outside the castration jaws to avoid tissue necrosis of the scrotum.

Additional information


Sheep, goats




L 37* W 8.8cm


Stainless steel and plastic handle

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