Calf Milk Bottle

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High quality plastic material

Antibacterial silicone nipple

Handle design, easy to use


The plastic calf milk bottle has a capacity of 1L. It is very helpful for feeding cows and goats. When the cow can’t breastfeed the calf, the calf can be fed with a milk bottle.

In addition, plastic cow milk feeding bottles are very safe and clean for cows .

Therefore,the calf milk bottle is  widely used around the world.

In addition, the company also offers various types of bottles, such as fake nipples, bottles with fixed handles and bottles with drinking hose type.


  1. Plastic milk feeding bottle is made of high quality plastic, antibacterial silicone nipple, durable, non-toxic and safer.
  2.  Handle design, simple structure and convenient operation.
  3. A sturdy plastic bottle with a rubber nipple. The bottle is easy to clean and disinfect.
  4. The bottle has a scale, which can be accurately proofed, which is obvious.
  5.  Large bottleneck, easy to feed calf milk.


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Calf milk bottle






Handle design, simple structure


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