Calf Nose Ring

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Why do you want to wear a cow nose ring for a cow? Is it very cruel?

The calf nose ring can help you better manage your cattle. Calf nose ring is calf weaning device calf weaning tool .

In ancient China, the cow nose ring had already appeared on the bronze.

At that time, the ancient technology was not so developed. The cow was the main labor force in the field.

The cow nose was worn on the nose of the cow. When the cow was disobedient, it was obedient if you lick the cow.

Because the most vulnerable part of the cow is the middle of the cow. There is a layer of cartilage, just put on the nose ring and open it.

The cow nose ring calf weaning ring is generally made of stainless steel to prevent infection.

In addition, the company also sells plastic cattle nose ring and cattle nose pliers .

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