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Plastic Calf Weaning Weaner Device for Livestock

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The calf weaning device is made of plastic material and the calf weaning device is a barbed plate.

Calf nose weaners Usage

When the calf can be weaned, the calf weaner device will be worn on the calf.

And the calf weaning nose flap calf weaner nose ring is necessary for cattle.

When the calf is breastfeeding, the calf weaning device can sting the cow, which can make the cow feel uncomfortable, so it pushes the calf away to achieve weaning.

The weaner of calf calf nose ring is used for weaning of calves, which means that calves are not allowed to eat milk and will not be placed on newborn calves.

The aim is to prevent the optimal equipment for weaning equipment between cows and calves .

The calf grows to a certain extent, and the animal husbandry mainly performs weaning on the calf in time .

That is not only beneficial to the health of the cow, but also beneficial to the digestion and absorption of the calf.

The calf weaner device for sale is necessary equipment .

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