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Cast Iron Pig Feeding Trough

Cast iron material

Pig feeder trough

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The feeding trough is a thickened pig trough. There are two types of the cast iron pig feeding troughs, one is a cast iron feeder trough and the other is a new type of steel feeder trough.

The cast iron trough is made of ductile iron. It is durable and can not be broken. It can be used for 10 years.

Features cast iron trough:

The cast iron pig feeding trough is clean and hygienic, reducing the chance of infectious diseases.

Cheap and practical, no waste of feed.

One-piece molding process, strong and resistant to falling, edging, not hurting the pig’s mouth, safer

The front end of the pig trough is angled to prevent feed spillage and save feed.

Usage:Use long screws to secure the sides of the trough to the bed of the bed.

Features of new steel plate pig trough:

The quality of the new steel plate pig trough is suitable for large-scale breeding and high cost performance.

The steel plate pig trough is stamped by steel stamping technology. It is not bad and durable.

Smooth, not hurting the pig’s mouth, safer

Secure on both sides of the trough with screws

There are 3 fixed feet on the bottom of the trough, which can fix the trough on the shelf and has strong stability.

The company sells a variety of stainless steel pig troughs, quality assurance, reasonable price, welcome to consult and buy.

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