Castration Tools for Goats

Sheep with castration pliers

Made of stainless steel for durability

Bloodless Burdizzo Clamps for sale


goat castration tool sheep castration tools

Using bloodless castration clamp, instead of directly destroying the testicles of male domestic animals, the forceps, blood vessels, ligaments of the livestock are cut off at one time through the scrotum, so that the testicles have no blood.

The castration tools for goats is gradually necrotic, so as to achieve the purpose of castration of male livestock.

Applicable objects:

Bloodless Burdizzo Clamps are especially suitable for castration of bulls and rams, and can also be used for castration of domestic animals such as stallions.

This procedure is usually performed after the livestock is at least one month old.

The use of bloodless castration tools for goats for castration surgery of male animals has the following advantages over traditional surgical castration methods:

  1. Easy operation, the surgeon only needs a short training to master the skills, while the traditional surgical castration requires a specially trained veterinarian to perform;
  2. Safety is good, because it is not necessary to cut the scrotum of livestock during surgery, thereby reducing the risk of wound infection and avoiding the risk of death of livestock after tetanus infection after surgery;
  3. Postoperative care is simple. Animals after castration without blood castration pliers do not need special care after surgery to avoid complications.


Goat castration tool is made of stainless steel, all hand-polished .

The surface of clamp tool is treated with special technology, smooth and does not hurt the hand.

The trend tool consists of a pliers section, a secondary lever, and a handle.

Clearly designed to protect equipment from wear and tear

The pliers head of sheep castration tool is thickened for durability

The craftsman specially buffers the place here at the dismantling site, effectively alleviating the damage caused by multiple uses.

The castration tool for animal is not only suitable for sheep, but also for cattle.

Additional information


Sheep, goats , cattle




L 37* W 8.8cm


Stainless steel and plastic handle


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