Cattle Cow Cooling Fans

Stainless steel material

Wide range of applications

Increase air circulation


Cow cattle farming cooling fans providing you with cow cooling systems that keep your farm healthy and productive.

The cooling and ventilation effect of cow cooling fans are very good, which can effectively solve the problem of high temperature and sultry air and air pollution in 95~99% of the factory.

It is the economical and effective summer plant cooling equipment, with 1/2 air conditioning cost, 1/8 .

The air-conditioning operating cost can achieve the cooling effect of the air conditioner.

This type of cow cooling fans is a cooling device that is often selected by modern farms.

The cow cooling fans are available in a variety of sizes and is available for purchase.

Cow cattle farming cooling fans features

  1. Motors with aluminum-magnesium alloy housing.
  2. Good heat emission, high efficiency, reasonable dimension, light weight, low current and big torque.
  3. Fan galvanized round frame with zinc-coated, so as to ensure no rust forever.
  4. Flanging edge backflow design can increase ventilation, reduce vibration and noise and improve fan’s stability.
  5. Fan blades are adjusted by intelligent dynamic-balance tester, to ensure the fan run smoothly with lower vibration and noise and increase stability and service life.

Cow cattle farming cooling fans almost all places where cooling or ventilation is required, such as:

  1. Industry: garment factory, plastic factory, electronics factory, electroplating factory, circuit board factory, shoe factory, toy factory, hardware factory, machinery factory, etc.;
  2. Business: shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment venues, Internet cafes, etc.;
  3. Public: hospitals, stations, gymnasiums, auditoriums, schools, etc.;
  4. Animal husbandry: pig farms, chicken farms, rabbit farms, cattle farms, etc.;
  5. Agriculture: garden flowers, greenhouses, vegetable greenhouses, fruit greenhouses, etc.


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Cow cattle farming cooling fans




stainless steel


home/factory/green house/farm

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