Cattle Ear Tags

Non-toxic material, safe and durable

Excellent quality, use assured

High quality plastic material, safe to use, no harm to animal


Ear Tag Introduction

This cattle ear tags are available in a variety of colors and can be customized.

The fine earmarks of the cattle are laser engraved, and they are not decolorized forever. Please use them with your friends.

The cattle ear tags are available in a variety of colors, bright colors and easy to identify.

Note: Special ear tag pliers are required to install the ear tags.

Product instructions

  1. Hold the ear clamps lightly and the automatic switch pops up.
  2. Press the good piece and put on the cattle ear tag
  3. Stud the male pin on the ear and keep it stable
  4. Fully invade in the disinfectant, safe and hygienic.
  5. Install the ear tag for cows in the proper position of the ear and force it into one shot.

Advantages of ear tag for cattle

  1. Ear tag for cattle is improved bold font, more legible and legible
  2. Copper head of ear tag for cows will never rust, corrosion resistance
  3. Cold resistant, freeze resistant, heat resistant

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Additional information




Solid top quality TPU plastic


cattle sheep


Livestock management

Packing specification:

1 earring + 1 ear tag (set / bag)

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