Cattle hip height measuring stick

cattle sheep hip height measuring stick

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The most common device for determining height is a measuring stick, available through some livestock supply companies.our campany sells animal hip height measuring sticks(cattle hip height measuring stick sheep measuring stick).

In order to understand the growth of cattle or sheep, it is necessary to regularly measure the various parts of the body of cattle or sheep.Judging the growth of cattle and sheep by measuring the results of stick measurements.

The hip height measuring stick is divided into a sheep measuring stick and a cow measuring stick. The two hip height measuring sticks have the same material and different lengths.

The cattle hip height measuring stick is excellent quality and durable.


SheepHeight measuring stick: ruler length 54 cm, full- length  1.2 m

Scale: height 65 cm – 110 cm , wide 5 cm , long 50 cm, 63 cm to 110 cm

Cattle height measuring stick: ruler length6 cm, total length 1.8 m

Scale: height 90 cm – 170 cm , wide 10 cm – 80 cm, long 94 cm to 170 cm

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