Cattle Hoof Trimmer

handle is made of solid wood

Carbon steel blade

Durable and environmentally friendly

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The cattle hoof trimmer cattle hoof trimming tool is a one-word left and right hand cattle hoof knife.

The handle of the cattle hoof trimmer cow hoof trimming tools is made of solid wood, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, comfortable to the touch, beautiful and elegant; durable and environmentally friendly.

The hoof trimmer tools hoof trimming tools for cattle can effectively prevent cow hoof disease and protect the health of the cow.


  1. The handle of cattle hoof trimmer is made of solid wood
  2. Hoof trimming equipment is with corrosion-resistant
  3. wear-resistant
  4. Horse hoof trimming tools are comfortable to the touch
  5. Hoof trimming tools come with beautiful appearance
  6. durable and environmentally friendly
  7. Refer to human hand design, in line with human body mechanics
  8. Safe and durable, cost-saving, timely use, prevention and control of hoof disease
  9. Horse hoof trimming tools for sale are simple structure, durable and easy to use


  1. Reasonable and timely hoof trimmer to prevent the deformation of the hoof and increase the limbs
  2. It has therapeutic effect on cows that have developed hoof disease. When the toes rot, the hoof erosion and the rot rot disease occur, after the trimmer, the hoof can be cured.
  3. Improve the life of cattle and reduce the elimination rate


  1. Establish a regular hoof trimmer system.Perform 1-2 hoof trimmer after the annual spring and autumn cattle survey or after weaning and calving
  2. Before hoof trim, accurately determine the shape of the hoof to prevent excessive cutting
  3. Minimize the inner toe, make the inner toe as high as possible, and make the two toes equal
  4. When trimming hooves, the diseased hoof should be trimmed first.
  5. Any diseased cow that has been trimmed due to hoof disease should be kept in a clean, dry enclosure , keep the hoof clean and reduce the chance of infection.
  6. The time of hoof trimmer hoof trimming tools for cattle should be arranged after the land is tumbling, before the rainy season.If the weather is hot and rainy, it is not easy to care after repairing the hoof and is susceptible to infection.


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As the livestock grows, the hooves of the animals continue to grow longer. If not trimmed in time, there will be a lot of bacteria in the hooves, sometimes causing various diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the hooves for the animals in time. The hoof trimming equipment is a kind of hoof trimming supply that solves the problem of hoof trimmer and makes hoof trimming easier.

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Dimensions 21 cm

Wood, carbon steel

Applicable object:



Straight knife



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